About little old me

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a fairly rare and not-much-known-of bone cancer. I was lucky enough to escape chemotherapy, but did need a pretty hefty surgery to remove the tumour from my leg, along with my knee, most of my femur and thigh muscle. This resulted in me being the proud owner of a mostly metal leg (still waiting for the X-Men style Wolverine powers to appear though….). And having to learn to walk again. But even with this I thought ‘oh no no no, I’m not interesting enough to blog!’ Then July 2017 I found a wee little peanut sized lump in my left breast. And yup, it’s breast cancer. So hey, maybe I might be interesting enough now! This blog is about the psychological and physical fallout, as well as talking about stuff I love, figuring out how to be a person again and things that make me ‘me’ despite all the chaos. And if even one teensy thing I write strikes a chord, or helps someone in a similar situation, then that’s a definite added bonus.

Come for the informative tidbits and shared experiences, stay for the inappropriate jokes and fairly pointless anecdotes!