I am full of love. I am full of sadness. I am full of fire. I am full of sangria.

Ibiza was exactly what I needed. And to those who think it is a place swarming with ‘lads lads lads’ and neon glow-stick Daily Mail monstrosities, there’s a rather beautiful side to the island as well. Full of the little things that remind me of why I adore travel. Preferably to warm places. In fact only really to warm places. I maintain heat = less aches and pains, both psychologically and physically. So here is a round-up list (mmmm, lists) of all those ‘little things’ on holiday that truly made my current woes and worries melt into the background:

  • That warm night air smell full of floral scents wafting past, in particular Jasmine, which makes me do a one eye closed paroxysm of nasal joy face.
  • The sound of crickets and cicadas which brings up deep-seated childhood feelings of utter contentment. NB; cicadas up close do not bring up such feelings. Google them if you dare.
  •  That slightly blinding feeling of strong sunlight on your closed eyelids that makes your whole face glow with heat.
  • Going for dinner, then cocktails. Then another dinner because why not, there’s tapas everywhere. Then more cocktails. Followed by a before bed snack. Of pizza.
  • Pretending to be a mermaid as per my childhood dreams, doing dolphin dives and underwater handstands, bikini coming ungracefully akimbo. Then simply lying on my back in the sea letting the water cleanse me in some neo-hippy baptism type way.
  • Doing that cliché ‘moving your hand up and down through the wind outside the car window thing like they do in the movies’. Heaven.
  • Laughing hysterically with one of your best friends, until you potentially do a bit of wee.
  • Bickering and chatting and being in comfortable silence with that friend like a mad old couple.
  • Sweaty, sweaty, caution to the wind, therapeutically sweaty dancing.
  • Being by the pool at a very upscale resort, watching perma-tanned, hair extensioned, twig like types walk by, whilst I’m merrily sat stuffing my face with no make up on, crumbs in my belly rolls, cocktail in hand.
  • A blanket of ridonkulously bright stars plastered across the sky each night.
  • Not wearing proper shoes! Free the feetsies!! Feel the sand!! (Sandy bumcrack not so much though….)
  • Killer sunsets.sunset ibiza

So thank you to my beautiful friend for letting me visit and helping me feel the most like ‘me’ I’ve felt in a long time. Just goes to show it’s the simple things, like being outdoors, being in the sun, being with loved ones, that can make you feel the most whole.

I am full of love. I am full of sadness. I am full of fire. I am full of sangria.

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